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2019-08-17 17:59

Have you noticed a notification bar with an icon that is just a solid white square? Or are you having trouble rendering your Logo correctly on the Android notification bar post Lollipop release?A 60second fix for Lollipop's headsup notification nuisance One minute and two dollars can make your Android Lollipop experience much more pleasant. android lollipop notification small icon

Nov 28, 2017 Forum thread about Android (costum) notification Icon in especially for Android Lollipop it is necessary to comply with the of not having a white small icon: )

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Why do icons set with Notification. Builder Notification bar icon turns white in Android 5 Lollipop. It's possible to set the small icon Android Lollipop introduced new types of notifications. a notification must contain: A small icon which is displayed on the notification bar Subscribe to lollipop notification small icon Android: Notification icon app icon itself fits the system iconsmall iconnotification banner

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I have an app showing custom notifications. The problem is that when running in Android 5 the small icon in the Notification bar is shown in white. How can I fix this? android lollipop notification small icon Complete list of Lollipop system icons shown in notification bar? but I have that icon on Lollipop) GPS and icons on the Android notification bar. 2. Android Lollipop changed the way that notification icons are required to be configured. Lollipop icons are now required to be a white