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A Large deployable self powered unit that prevents warping within its area of effect Mobile Large Warp Disruptor I Mobile disruptors scramble the warp engines of all ships within the radius of the deployed bubble.ME& TE Research Times Level 1 16 minutes, 44 seconds Level 2 39 minutes, 51 seconds Level 3 1 hour, 34 minutes, 50 seconds mobile large warp disruptor

Jul 04, 2014 Player Features and Ideas Discussion. Forum Index large mobile warp disruptor fuel bay for 24 hours of online buble, can be reinforced for 3 hours factional mobile warp disruptor fuel bay for 48 hours can be reinforced for 4hours.

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Mobile Warp Disruptor Bubbles These can be launched from your cargo hold and anchored in space. The ranges very widely from the T1 Smalls to the T2 Larges The Mechanics of these are all basically the same, they just vary in how they are created and whether or not they are moveable. When the hitpoints gets below this percentage, damage start seeping through to the lower large warp disruptor Apr 14, 2013 Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II 40km Warp Disruption Field Generator I ( Heavy Interdictors ) 16. 00km (20km Level V Heavy Interdictor) Warp Disruption Field Generator II 19. 20km (24km Level V Heavy Interdictor)

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Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II: 43, 444 ships destroyed and 17, 309 ships lost. mobile large warp disruptor Buy Mobile Large Warp Disruptor I Blueprint and produce your Eve Online ammo charges Mobile Large Warp Disruptor I: 76, 806 ships destroyed and 14, 784 ships lost. Warp Scramblers and Warp Disruptors aim to disrupt the warp drive of a locked target to try and prevent it from warping away. If a ships warp drive is disabled because of such modules or a warp disruption field, it is scrambled , or pointed .