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WMI Listing Processes Listing Processes with Win32Process. This page is the foundation for a trilogy of Process pages. The sequence is: list, stop and finally start (restart) the process. Even if your mission is to start or stop a process, the logical place to begin is with listing the processes running on a computer.EXAMPLE To simply list the installed applications, use the script as follows: computer. EXAMPLE If required, the output of the script can be modified. wmi list running applications

I need to programmatically get a list of running applications as shown in the Applications tab inside the Windows Task Manager using PowerShell or VBScript. All I could find so far is how to list processes using VBScript and WMI.

wmi list running

I once saw a guy run a command and got a list of all installed applications on his computer. How do I do this? I would like a list of my currently installed applications. Dec 19, 2005 Using WMI, how do I retrieve the list of running applications on a pc? If you open up task manager and click on the applications tab, I am trying towmi list running applications Manage Processes on Remote Machine. list of all running processes with I am new to. Net Remoting and WMI. I want to use this Application for remoting but

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Jul 28, 2004  Doubleclick Services and Applications and then doubleclick WMI Control. Rightclick WMI Control and then click Properties. In the WMI Control Properties dialog box click the Security tab. A folder named Root with a plus sign () next to it should now be visible. Expand this tree as necessary to locate the namespace for wmi list running applications What is: Unsecapp. exe Asynchronous Callbacks for WMI Client Application If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using the Reimage Plus Software which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. Helge, the WMI Product class is only going to give you info for software installed using MSI technology. You can see this by running wmic product and filtering on PackageName: wmic product get packagename. All packages will have a. msi extension.