My smartphone screen went black

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2019-08-22 19:21

How To Fix Android Black Screen Of Death Issue. by A. Bera July 10, 2018 Android, How To Android is the mostused mobile operating system in the mobile world. But not a single android smartphone and are flawsfree. Android Black Screen Of Death is one of the most faced issues by many android users. If you also fall in this group of android users who are facing Android Black ScreenMy phone works but my screen is blank My phone works, but my screen won't show anything. It is blank or black. What can I do to fix it? It is blank or black. What can I my smartphone screen went black

LG Android Phone Went Black. Please Help! Hello, everyone there! My LG G3 Android smart phone went black while being using to view some photos saved on an inserted 64GB SanDisk Micro SD card. And then, no matter which button I tried to press, including the power button, this android cell phone just got no response and showed nothing on its black screen.

my smartphone screen

Jul 03, 2017 Solved my window vista laptop will turn on but the screen stays black and the scroll and caps lock buttons are blinking. what should Dell Inspiron 24 Model 3459 AllinOne Desktop turns on, but shows no video and screen stays black. One option to fix a cell phone with a blank screen is a hard reset. On an Android phone, turn the device off and then push the home button, volume up button and power button simultaneously. If a hard reset is an option, a menu pops up on the screen, allowing the user to conduct a factory reset. Amy smartphone screen went black Nov 08, 2014 If your smart phone has a blank screen but everything else seems to work fine the first thing you should try is to completely drain the power by a power reset.

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Sep 18, 2012 phone screen went black will not respond to any controls. help! my smartphone screen went black My Panasonic Eluga S, went black and after pressing the power button the screen may become normal for a few seconds but then goes dark after. Sometimes it remains normal for 5 to 10 minutes. I had reset the phone too but the problem remains the same. Please help me to solve my problem. What Happens When Your Cell Phone Screen Goes Black? What Happens When Your Cell Phone Screen Goes Black? March 31, 2015. By: Shawn McClain. Share; Share on Facebook; There is no one single reason why a cellphone screen goes black. Sometimes it can be caused by the device's software, while other times it can be a hardware failure in the actual LCD component. The process for getting your screen