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Force Touch will only add value to the iPhone if it's implemented in a way that makes sense and is easy to figure out, according to Rise. This will likely impact whether developers decide to integrate it into their apps.With Force Touch, a light tap will cause a different reaction to a heavy thud with the users thumb and so the feature has a lot of potential in iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus as it could allow users to do different things in iOS games. games for iphone 6s force touch

Mar 11, 2015  The next iPhone will reportedly feature Apples Force Touch technology, according to the Wall Street Journal. An unnamed Apple supplier, who spoke with the WSJ, says that both versions of the new iPhone (the standard and plus version) will incorporate the feature, which is currently used in the forthcoming Apple Watch and

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The Force Touch on the iPhone 6S could allow for a much easier, onehanded zoom. Instead of pinch and zoom on the camera you can press the screen harder to zoom in further or faster. To zoom in on a web page or a picture in the gallery you could press varying amounts. If implemented correctly, which is Apples speciality, it could be the Best 3D Touch Games for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple opened their doors to new 3D touch technology. So here we are, with best 3D touch games for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s for iphone 6s force touch Dec 21, 2015  The iPhone 6s introduced a unique new feature called 3D Touch when it was announced back in September. Unlike the Apple Watchs Force Touch, 3D Touch is infinitely variable, allowing you to control apps with various touch pressures while Force Touch only detects two levels of force. In short, 3D Touch is more sensitive and

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As with the latest MacBook, youll also be able to preview hyperlinks in Safari with a Force Touch input. Indeed, it seems as if many of the contextual menus that will appear with Force Touch on the iPhone 6S will represent themselves with little popup windows rather than by taking over the entire screen. games for iphone 6s force touch It could give both the iPhone and iPad a better keyboard, letting you pushing down harder to capitalise a letter, for example. It could replace the 'touch and hold' to become the new 'right click' function. Heck, it could even give the iPhone an Androidstyle back button. Press harder, play better: 10 great iPhone games with 3D Touch controls Put that pressuresensitive screen to good use with these stellar iPhone 6s games. Sep 06, 2015 So by each forcetouch usage the battery will drain faster than on the traditional method (iphone 6s). Together with the same battery specs (or slightly worse) this will create some real ugly batteryusage!