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17 incredibly foolish questions and answers that make absolutely no sense Where did these questions come from? Toggle navigation. You've filled them out on a job application or for customer service purposes, but some questionnaires are just really pointless. I present you the questionnaire for a tourist visa in the US. 4. An honestWhile some visa questions tickle our funny bone or raise eyebrows, there are others, like the Singapore visa form, which ask you your race and religion for a tourist visa consideration. Not so funny. funny us visa application questions

U. S. Visa Application Asks RIDICULOUS Question Surely Terrorists Will Answer It Honestly many questions have been asked about the screening potential refugees and immigrants are subjected to before being allowed into the United States. Do you seek to engage in terrorist activities while in the United States or have you ever

funny us visa

The point of asking these questions is that, if you answer them untruthfully, you have obtained a visa by fraud or misrepresentation and can be deported if you are found out, either on this visit, or if you subsequently win the right to live in the US. You should go with the attitude that if you do not get the visa, it is OK it is not the end of the world. Be truthful but confident. Do not say a lie any lie will be caught very easily. Understand that Consulate officer is interested in finding: 1. If you are genuinely qualified. 2. If the company sponsoring the visa is genuine. 3.funny us visa application questions Answer: Our daughter is currently in India, visiting us and her other relatives. We would like to travel with her to the U. S. She will be taking us around the U. S. for sightseeing.

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To help you prepare for your visa application, here are some of the basic questions during a US visitor tourist visa consul interview. Always remember, NEVER LIE. They already did a background check on you when you applied online! funny us visa application questions Feb 20, 2006  US Visa Application Form Very Stupid Questions# . BY Ibhayi Mon Feb 20, 2006 5: 13 am Mon Feb 20, I agree with you completly on your response to the questionaire on the US visa application. However how many people are arrested, tried and then convicted in the US that have specifically filled in the NO box on the application Two years ago I planned to enter the US and faced the dilema post911 of determining whether I should just go to the US and answer no to all the questions or answer yes and go through the INS Consular approach of applying for a 1 or 5 year Visa. 5. In China, one traveller said the visa form request for Reasons for visiting listed Visit as an option; which they promptly selected. 6. Two people said the India visa