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2019-08-19 18:27

When you create a new iOS app project in Xcode, you get to choose between several project templates, from the aptly named Empty Application to specialized things like an OpenGL Game.No more Empty Application template in Xcode 6. 5's Empty Application template to XCode 6's TemplatesiOS xcode 6 ios empty application template

README. md Xcode Empty Application Template. Adding the Empty Application template back to Xcode. Installation. Clone this repository. Close Xcode.

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Xcode 5 and 6 introduced some changes in iOS project templates, which may or may not be to everyones taste. This minitutorial shows how to create a preXcode 5style Single View Application based on xib files, and and a preXcode 6style Empty Application, using Xcode 6. For Xcode: 1) Download the Empty Application template from above. 2) Navigate to the correct file location in Xcode: Finder Applications RightClick on Xcode Show Package Contentsxcode 6 ios empty application template Using this simple approach i'm able to create an Empty Application in XCode 6 Paste 'Empty Application

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Participate in discussions with other Treehouse XCode 6 blank white screen, iOS I've also tried to follow along using an Xcode 6 empty app template. xcode 6 ios empty application template