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2019-08-17 18:02

Chinese phone makers have battled over processor cores, screen size, camera specs and resolution. Today it is the battle of the battery! Here are 7 Chinese Android phones with big battery specs.Aug 06, 2018 The Best Big Batterylife Smartphones available in 2018. View the latest phones that are packing huge batteries, all at least 5000mAh which will keep you off the grid for days! All the long battery life phones featured include fast quick charge and are available for budgets from high to low. Enjoy! chinese smartphones with big battery

The Honor View 10, which is called the Honor V10 in China, is the latest entry, (so far) on our best Chinese Android phones list. It has some similarities to the Huawei Mate 10. Both have lowbezel displays, front facing fingerprint readers, and the same Kirin 970 processor inside.

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It is hard to feed so much large screens and even though 3000mAh battery is unable to keep the phone up for over one and half day if we use mobile moderately. Additionally, Android is a resource consuming OS requiring more RAM and CPU and hence is the more battery. The Big Question. Lets address the elephant in the room: Are these smartphones worth your money? The answer is twofold. First, if youre in the market looking specifically for a smartphone that will last you for days without plugging, thenchinese smartphones with big battery Short battery life is one of the biggest problems in today's smartphones. Manufacturers tend to produce really thin devices, with a huge focus on their

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Its always frustrating when the battery goes down in a smartphone. We found some great Chinese phones with big batteries, that can last even 10 days! chinese smartphones with big battery A phone is only as good as its battery. If having a large battery is your prime concern, weve compiled a list of the best smartphones with the biggest battery size in Best Chinese Android smartphones (February 2017) Best Chinese Android smartphones (February 2017) Posted: 31 Jan 2017, 02: 20 It's remarkable how this handset squeezes all out of the 3, 000 mAh battery on board: it lasted over 9 hours on our test, more than just about any mainstream flagship out there. Sure, that custom skin