Android aaptoptions nocompress

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2019-08-18 22:50

TensorFlow Lite Tutorial Easy implementation in android. Make apps with the power of deep learning androidaaptOptions noCompress tflite noCompress liteHi everyone, I am new to gradle, trying to configure some custom stuff in my Android app. I have an AAR file that includes an Android library and some custom files that need to be included in the final APK but not comp android aaptoptions nocompress

Extensions of files that will not be stored compressed in the APK. Adding an empty extension, i. e. , setting noCompress will trivially disable compression for all files.

android aaptoptions nocompress

Open Android Studio and create a new project with an Empty Activity. Rightclick on your app module and choose New Module. Select Import. JAR. AAR Package. Use the directory browser to locate and click Finish. This will copy the AAR file into a new module named hellofromcsharp. Well aapt tool is inside specific buildtools folder and it has options as listed below. For example ignoreAssetsPattern in build. gradle is related to ignoreassets option The next step would be looking at android gradle plugin to see how aapt is aaptoptions nocompress We use the following block, to instruct the Android Asset Packaging Tool that. lite or. tflite assets should not be compressed. This is important as the. lite file will be memorymapped, and that will not work when the file is compressed.

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android aaptOptions noCompress tflite noCompress lite Using theTFLite Java API The code interfacing to the TFLite is all contained in android aaptoptions nocompress aaptOptions in Android Gradle Plugin noCompress. I'm pretty sure the noCompress option is for other assets like text files. The aapt aapt options android aaptOptions noCompress 'foo 'bar' ignoreAssetsPattern This affects all tasks using aapt. AaptOptions Note: This property is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Obtains the number of cruncher processes to use. Forces aapt to return an error if it fails to find an entry StringignoreAssets. Pattern describing assets to be ignore.