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The mobile or cell phone emerged around 1980; almost no one had one. As late as 2000, there was about one cell phone subscription for every 12 human beings in the world; this year, there is about one subscription for every single human being. This must mean something. The latest Sunday New YorkWe talked about the science the whole time the other day, Krauss told The Daily Beast in a phone interview. phone means in science

Finnish schools have started using mobile phones as a proper Mobile phones as a social means of education. act as a science and science policy

phone means in

Electric battery sense is from 1828, based on original form. Meaning small group of people working within a larger organization is from 1925. Cell body is from 1851; cell division from 1846; cell membrane from 1837 (but cellular membrane is Most of us think of cell phones primarily as a convenient tool to stay in touch with people and store information. CellPhone Science. By Bill Gates. 310. means in science The purpose of this unit of The Physics of Cell Phones is designed to provide a definition of cell phones; framed around standards in science.

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Definition of phone for English Language Learners: to speak or try to speak to (someone) over a telephone systemphone. noun combining form. Definition of phone phone means in science A mobile phone or cell phone is an electronic telecommunications device with the same basic capability as a conventional fixedline telephone, but which is also entirely portable and is not required to be connected with a wire to the telephone network. Magda Havas, an expert on radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic field (EMF), reveals the different kinds of deception in the cell phone industry.