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How can the answer be improved?To handle application events or methods, you can create a file named Global. asax in the root directory of your application. The ApplicationStart and ApplicationEnd methods are special methods that do not represent HttpApplication events. The ASP. NET application life cycle is extensible through IHttpModule classes. application end event in

Logging ASP. NET Application Shutdown Events Thursday, December 15, 2005 Someone on a listserv recently asked whether there was a way to figure out why and when ASP. NET restarts application domains.

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For more information, see the Life Cycle Events and Global. asax File section in ASP. NET Application Life Cycle Overview for IIS 5. 0 and 6. 0. One difference is that you can add handlers for the MapRequestHandler, LogRequest, and PostLogRequest events. How to handle session end in global. asax? You can use global. asax's session end event to remove the unexpectedly disconnected user: void SessionEnd(Object sender, EventArgs E) Clean up session resources how we configure that only 10 users access the asp. net website.application end event in HttpApplication. EndRequest Event. NET Framework (current version) Other Versions Visual Studio 2010 Occurs as the last event in the HTTP pipeline chain of execution when ASP. NET responds to a request. Namespace: System. Web Assembly

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Can you explain ASP. NET application and page life cycle(Demo, in which event we should do what) Part 3? If you want to inject logic in the events of ASP. NET pipleline, Before you end, if you want to update your cache. HttpModule: application end event in ApplicationEnd It is raised when the applicationwebsite is stopped. Similarly, the most used Session events are: SessionStart It is raised when a user first requests a page from the application. The ApplicationEnd event gets fired when the IIS pool is recycled or when you make changes to the bin folder or web. config file. You should change the default IIS setting to schedule a recycle once a day on offpeak hours. This file exposes the application and session level events in ASP. NET and provides a gateway to all the application and the session level events in ASP. NET. This file can be used to implement the important application and session level events such as ApplicationStart, ApplicationEnd, SessionStart, SessionEnd, etc. Dec 13, 2013 ApplicationEnd: This event will be fired when IIS pool is restarted when the application is restarted. It will also be fired when the application domain is reloaded i. e for example when you change the web. config, the application is reloaded into a different application domain. In all these cases ApplicationEnd event is fired.