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2019-08-20 04:18

As we have come to expect, Apple's latest announcement of the iPad Pro has caused quite a bit of controversy. Apple fans love the update and the additional accessories, while critics claim that they simply ripped off other products that are already available.Both the Cintiq 13HD& Cintiq Companion come with 13. 3 inch wide screens, while the iPad Pro has a 12. 9 inches screen, while the screen is narrower than the two Cintiqs, it is a bit taller than them. At the time of writing this article, there is a 9. 7 inches version of the iPad Pro if you needed a small drawing device. The choice of the screen ipad pro vs wacom cintiq companion

Aug 09, 2017 What do you think of using an iPad Pro and Pencil with an app like Astropad with a Mac vs. using a Cintiq Companion that has to physically connect to the Mac and seems to do the same thing as what the iPad Pro can now do with Astropad?

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Nugent personally prefers the iPad Pro and Pencil combo, though he says that the Cintiq Companion wins hands down in terms of how the stylus interfaces with the screen and how much it feels like paper. Jan 22, 2016  iPad Pro Pencil Artist Review (vs Wacom Cintiq Companion) I've been using the iPad Pro Pencil for a couple of months now, and I think it's the best digital drawing experience that I've ever had. For sketching and drawing, the Pro and Pencil just feel so natural. Apple made something different, whereas other drawingipad pro vs wacom cintiq companion No. The Cintiq Companion is top to bottom designed for pro digital artists. The stylus is batteryless and integrated into the whole OS (Win8) with a fantastic driver, great pressure response and includes tilt sensing.

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