600 ohm phone line

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AUDIO and TELEPHONE LINE ATTENUATORS. Our Audio Attenuators are a Square Pad, which puts resistance across the pair as well as inseries with the pair, to maintain a 600 ohm impedance. . Our Telephone Line Attenuators have resistance inseries with the pair, since you can't put resistance across a telephone line.An analog telephone line, at its simplest, is nothing more than a 600ohm balanced line. One pair of wires carries The phone patch allows connecting standard audio equipment to a phone line, while isolating the audio equipment from ring tone and line voltage. It operates in parallel with the telephone, with a circuit design that disturbs 600 ohm phone line

The LT600VC is a versatile unit for matching telephonetype, 600 ohm line circuits with HIZ circuits. It can also be used as a 600 ohm to 600 ohm isolation transformer.

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Features Description InputLine Transformers Models WMT 1A, TL100& TL600 TL100 and TL600 Provides balanced 600ohm or bridging input for power amplifier Apr 20, 2010 Doing the math, going from a line level output at 600 Ohms (say, from a preamp or audio interface) into a 600 Ohm input would only yield a voltage throughput of 50. Keeping the secondary at 600 Ohms makes sense though, since that would give me a throughput of 94. 3 (into a 10k Ohm input on a compressor or interface).600 ohm phone line A 600 to 600 ohm transformer can indeed be an isolation transformer for an audio distribution system or a telephone line. The transformer is 1: 1 meaning in and output voltage stay the same (and the current as well).

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Phone lines in the United States are usually characterized as having a characteristic impedance of 600 or 900. These impedance levels go back to the early days of telephony (Figure 1). However, all the phone cables we work with are 600 ohm phone line