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2019-08-18 08:06

socket programming multiple client to one server. Ask Question. android LAN socket programming getting nullpointer and addressin use exception. 0. How can I send latitute and longitute to a server using TCPIP in Android. 0. How do I write a code template for eclipse?The server will be written in Java and the client will be written in Android. Actually it will be a very simple messenger client. Actually it will be a very simple messenger client. Note: Now we have an enhanced version of TCP Connection here, but its just the code. android tcp server multiple clients

a tcp connection is the tuple: (client host, client port, server host, server port) A server can serve multiple clients using the same port, because it can demiltiplex (recognizing different flows) based on client IP address and port (the socket on the client). Can a socket of a server be used by multiple clients simultaneously in

android tcp server

I'm working on programming a live support chatting here, but the problem I faced is how to this server I made is receiving only one client to chat with. can any pro explain to me to make the server Dec 04, 2011 Can the client send a message to the server and to wait for a message from server? For example, the client send a message waiting to the server, the it does not do anything, until it gets a message doing from the tcp server multiple clients Jun 06, 2014 Android TCPIP clientserver socket program (part two) This is the second part of the post. In this part I will describe the implementation of the TCPIP Android client program.

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i want to run it in ubuntu. . how to connect the server to multiple clients. thank you in advance. Reply Delete. Replies. Dhanoop Bhaskar April 1, Android App. Launched an android app for the blog on 07th June 2016. TCP in C (one server and multiple clients) Java Encryption and Decryption of an Image Using Blowfish Algorithm android tcp server multiple clients 1) Create a Server activity and multiple Client activities if you want to. To keep things simple, put an EditText in the Server and the Client activity and a Send button in each. 2) Rest is quite simple to ClientServer programming in Java. Multiple clients can connect to the same port (say 80) on the server because on the server side, after creating a socket and binding (setting local IP and port) listen is called on the socket which tells the OS to accept incoming connections. My current project requires a TCP server implementation where other client could establish communication and perform data processing. The server should be able to handle multiple request from client. I never did any work with TCP Listener, initial one hour struggled a lot to get it working.